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What We Are Frequently Asked


Do you only provide the sizes shown on the price list?

Wherever practical we will build to the size and specification required by each individual customer. Just because what you require is a non-standard item, does not automatically mean that it will be more ‘expensive’. All our buildings are evaluated in exactly the same way. Please get in touch on 0121 314 7735 and talk to us about the special requirements of your project.


How can I pay?

Contact RAPOD to discuss payment options.

Do prices include VAT?

Yes, all prices include VAT from both a direct quotation or via the 'Design Your Own RAPOD' configurator on our website.

Is there a delivery charge?

No, delivery charge is included within your quotation.

What happens if you go bust once I have paid for the deposit/building?

We are members of the Consumer Protection Association and this covers your deposit up to £7,500 (the deposit cover is for up to 25% of the contract value and a maximum deposit of £7500 or whichever is the lesser). Please contact them for more information.

As we are members of the CPA customers can contact them to see how reliable we are and information regarding our ‘track record’.


Where do RAPOD deliver?

We can deliver to any UK based location – please enquire for a delivery quotation if the delivery location is outside of the UK.

Will my order arrive fully assembled?

A RAPOD is manufactured in such a way that it is part assembled before leaving the factory. Through our patented, modular design, we ensure that both delivery and installation are smooth and particular attention is paid to avoiding disruption for you. The panels for your RAPOD are part assembled to allow for a quick turnaround for installation.

Do I need planning permission?

Normally it’s not required – size dependent, height dependent, distance from boundary, the area we are building on, are all subject to consideration. However, we would always recommend getting a letter from the local authority confirming that it is not required.

Planning package: We will give you all the tools to do it or we can provide someone to do it for you.

Can I build this next to my fence?

Yes but we will need approx. 500mm of space around the pod to ensure we can install it properly. You may also need local authority approval if you are near your fence.

What is your delivery time?

We aim to deliver within 6-8 weeks of placement of order. This can vary seasonally and depending on demand. This will be agreed with RAPOD once order has been placed and deposit is received.

You won’t put a heavy lorry on my drive will you?

No, we will leave this situated in the road – movement from lorry to pod will be done manually by members of staff. (Subject to site survey)

You won’t make a mess on my paths/borders/lawn/garden or damage my trees/shrubs, will you?

No – everything has been designed to be lifted by 2 members of staff, safely and securely. On completion the site will be left in condition as found.

How long will it take from start to finish?

Dependent on the size of the RAPOD but with all our builds we hope to have them completed within 1 week.

Will it be the same team on site all the time?

No – however, all site personnel are selected and controlled by the company, depending on their speciality and the contract will be monitored to ensure that our standards are maintained at all stages. We would rather bring in another member of staff than take longer to build your Garden Room.

Will I need to provide electricity?

No, the team will be equipped with tools that are battery powered or an alternative method will be used.

For electricity to your pod, a qualified electrician will need to get power from your house to the pod to power the RAPOD.

Will I need to provide anything else?

No, our staff will not disrupt your daily routine in any way.

Will I need to be in when you build it?

No, the team will safely and securely enter and leave the site as you wish.

What about children and pets?

The installation of your RAPOD involves handling heavy materials and as a building site both children and pets should be kept away at all times.

Heating Properties:

How much does it cost to heat?

With the level of insulation in our buildings, a standard fan heater would be more than adequate to heat the room to a suitable temperature as it is a small room.

Average running cost of underfloor heating - £5.00 per SQM per year.

Will the building get too hot/cold with all this glass?

No, the insulation will keep it comfortable year round as long as usual procedures are followed, i.e. not leaving the door open in extreme weather.

The glass is a very effective way of heating your pod for free in the winter or in cooler conditions – however with such a large door space there are great methods of ventilation to avoid this. We can also provide trickle vents in all of our windows and doors.

Can my pod be used all year round?

Yes, all of our pods are fully installed with double glazed windows and doors and include Carbon Film under floor heating mats as standard to create a warm, comfortable environment 365 days a year.


Do I need a concrete base?

No – we have a concrete pad foundation system which we will install as part of our service.


What kind of wood do RAPOD use?

The structural frame of a RAPOD is constructed from KLC Timber; an FSC certified, extremely durable, weather resistant modified timber from New Zealand.

External claddings can be one of, or a mixture of larch, red cedar, oak. Floor joists and wall studs are made from tantalised softwood.

What is KLC?

The KLC wood production process takes sustainably sourced, fast growing softwood and enhances its cellular nature, creating a beautiful modified timber that matches or exceeds the durability, stability and beauty of the very best tropical hardwoods.

Will the roof rust? Will the colour fade?

No, there is a 40 year ‘colorcoat’ guarantee (coated with plastersol) with TATA, should there be any problems and the appropriate Care & Maintenance guidelines were followed they will re-coat your roof. There will be a minimal amount of fading over a period of years.

Windows are metal, will they rust? Will the colour fade?

No – our windows and doors are framed with aluminium which will not rust and it has a powder coating. There will be a minimal amount of fading over a period of years.

Can you provide guttering the same as my house?

Yes – we give you steel as standard which is higher quality but if you wanted PVCu that would be fine too.

What happens to the water when it comes down the downpipe?

It will drain to the surrounding surface.

Is there a gap under the building? Will this cause a problem with weeds and vermin?

There needs to be a gap for ventilation due to the suspended flooring system that we use. We have wrapped it in thick plastic membrane to protect it from these natural problems. E.g. weeds will not grow through your floor. There is a mesh to stop rats getting in.

Can I have high level sockets?

Yes – your sockets can be placed anywhere you require following electrical regulations.

Do you install all the electrics?

Within the pod all lighting and sockets that you specify will be installed – you will need to get a qualified electrician to give you power from the house to the pod.


What’s the guarantee?

We offer a 10 year structural guarantee so long as the procedures are strictly followed in line with the Care and Maintenance Guidelines.

Does it need maintenance?

Yes - your building will need maintaining exactly as your home would. We will provide you with Care & Maintenance instructions depending on the specification of the original building.

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