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Garden Office Build In Surrey For MJH Photography

Mr. Harris, a professional, independent photographer, had been fighting for space in his home. He needed somewhere he could work away from distractions such as children and telephones. Ideally somewhere he could have peace and quiet to work but without having to travel too far. It was preferable that the location would have enough space to operate small photo shoots and allow the possibility of professional visits from clients.
So what did we do? We built him a RAPOD Garden Office!
DAY BEFORE (Low Res) DAY 1.3 (Low Res) IMG_4764 (Low Res) IMG_4802 (Low Res) DAY 1.7 CLADDING (Low Res) DAY 2 KEYS! (Low Res) IMG_4757 (Low Res)

The team arrived on site on the morning of Monday 30th June 2014 where they received a very warm welcome from Mr. and Mrs. H (& big licks from Bronte the dog). The project began promptly moving through foundations, timber frame assembled and even the floor and roof cassettes were put in. All on Day One!

Ideally the RAPOD team aim to start and complete the build within 5 days so a fantastic start was made on Day One.

Day Two yet again brought with it glorious weather as the wall pre-oak clad wall cassettes and steel roof were put on. Ready for the first electrical fix.

Electrical second fix and internal fit out began on Day Three with external fit out completed on the eve of Day Four. Allowing for a very positive start on Day Five - that even began with Mr. H giving the team a couple of sausage sarnies!

After a quick once over with the duster and vacuum the building was ready to be inspected by Mr. & Mrs. H who were thrilled with their new garden office.

IMG_0625 IMG_0626 IMG_0627 IMG_0628 IMG_0631 IMG_0640 IMG_0355 (2)


So four very happy customers… Mr. Harris, Mrs. Harris, Master Harris and Bronte (the dog)!


“We cannot recommend RAPOD highly enough –

wonderful build, excellent finish and it will make a great home studio, thank you!”

– Mrs. Harris


 For more information on this case study please visit http://www.rapod.co.uk/mr-mrs-harris/ 



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