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Is It Coming Home?

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Imagine this...

9:00pm - You're sat at home. It's the first England World Cup Game of 2014. You're with your friends and their partners in the living room. Space is very limited and your wife (or husband!) is sat talking to their friends. It's too loud to hear the television BUT it's ok, you just want to be able to hear the commentary at 10:00pm.


10:00pm - The pre-game talks begin. Gary is mouthing something but you can't quite hear every word as your wife is still giggling - which is gradually getting louder and louder. The fridge is too full to keep your beers cold. The pizza must be shared with everyone, so a tiny piece for you it is. The other half now decides it's the right time to put on the dishwasher. BUT it's ok, as you know once the game starts everyone will quieten down and watch the match. This vital game that will define the rest of the country's world cup dreams.


11:00pm - Kick-off! Finally! Now shhhhhh!...


11:02pm - Your other half has now decided to comment on all the colour choices of football boots..."Why wear purple and orange boots? Especially with those blue socks and kit! What a disaster."

The conversation slowly moves through the subject of toned legs, long hair and the chosen head piece, David Beckham's absence, Rooney's presence and by the time half time arrives you can't remember the quality of football that you've just watched.


Now let's turn this around...

9:00pm - You're sat at home. It's the first England World Cup Game of 2014. You are sat with your friends and their partners in the living room. Your wife (or husband!) is sat talking to their friends and everyone is comfortably socialising before pre-game commentary commences.


9:55pm - It's now the right time to disperse. You bid your other half farewell, round up the guys and head to your new RAPOD. The fridge is pre stocked with cold drinks, your pizza has just arrived ready for your pre game snacks, you've already decorated the room with England flags galore and there is plenty of sofa space/bean bags for all your guests to be comfortable. Let the match begin!



Hopefully there are sections of this article that you can relate to.

The important thing is to think...


Then get in touch with us today! Use the 'Design Your Own RAPOD' configurator or contact us at info@rapod.co.uk for a FREE, no obligation quotation.


Good Luck England!

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