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As Unique As You Are

Make Way For RAPOD!

Launched in late 2012, we at RAPOD continue to be at the cutting edge of lifestyle innovation. With our patented designs, and an extremely talented team of master craftsmen, we can turn any outdoor garden or landscape into a luxurious and comfortable living space of the highest quality. Be it an office, gym, music room or simple relaxation area, RAPOD has the solution for you.

We continue to be leaders in the sustainability world as shown by our recent MEBC recognition for our office range.

Due to its modular design, a RAPOD can be constructed in as little as three days causing minimal disruption to you, your business and your schedule.

All the materials used are top quality and you can choose any internal colour, number and type of windows and doors, cladding etc. We can even add your personal company images such as logos and branding points. Your individual desires are virtually limitless and can be realized by the use of our online pod design tools. In the coming weeks, we will also offer a new software programme to further improve your options. A RAPOD can be whatever you can imagine!

Don’t just live, live a RAPOD lifestyle!

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