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Office Show Pod | Solihull

Office 1Garden Room Turned Into Professional OfficeOffice 4

Show Pod Location: RAPOD Headquarters – Solihull

Brief: It was important for us to have a demonstration pod for customers, suppliers and the RAPOD design team, to allow them to get a real feeling for RAPOD.

The pod has received very positive feedback from clients who have travelled to see this RAPOD Garden Room. When they arrive at the show site they are warmly greeted with a hot or cold drink and taken through the entire RAPOD build process. Some are intrigued to visit the actual factory where their RAPOD is produced but most prefer to gain a good feel for RAPOD by walking around the outside, feeling the cladding and timber frame, and also going into the Timber Innovations office to get a view of the building from above – the roof is not an area many think about when buying their Garden Room but in a two storey property this can be particularly visible and you wouldn't want it to be perceived as an eye sore!


“My experience with RAPOD was an extremely enjoyable one. My husband and I had a lovely hot chocolate while we were shown round and then left to discuss the building together. It really gave us a taste of what to expect for our garden room.”

- Potential Customer


Use: Home Office

Size: 4.3m x 3.3m

Windows/Doors: 3m Bifold Door and Full Height Parallel Window

Roof Colour: Anthracite

Cladding: Front and Left Hand Side RAPOD *Signature* Cladding consisting of Pistachio Slate Effect Board and KLC Slats

Flooring: Engineered Wood (Walnut)

Wall Finish: Back Wall – Painted Deco Wall – Colour: Dark Lead and White Linewood on all other walls

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As well as clients suppliers have enjoyed coming to see the RAPOD as they are able to see exactly what their particular components are used for. Our window and door suppliers are particularly content as they show the doors off to potential customers whilst also giving RAPOD free publicity.

“The parallel full height window is a great addition that I would not have chosen if I hadn't seen it first-hand!”

- Potential Customer


The Office Show Pod has received many visitors, some who have become successful orders, and others who weren't quite ready to purchase a building of such calibre. Either way all those who have visited are given a special discount. We will discount the travel fees for the visitor off their subsequent RAPOD purchase, therefore giving potential customers more of a motivation to see RAPOD for themselves.


The show pod is open to the general public 5 days a week but please call before arriving to make an appointment – even if it’s just 10 minutes before! This gives our team enough time to prepare and ensure that the RAPOD is in a presentable state with hot drinks at the ready!


We look forward to seeing you soon!


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