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The Daily Commute

Before RAPOD Garden Rooms was established the volume of commuters that pass by our office headquarters on a daily basis was never thought about, but could these be people who are possibly our target audience?


This therefore poses a few questions:


Well, without conducting primary research we will never know as there is not enough valid secondary research to answer these questions. Although ideas were then formed on the best possible ways in which we could target this audience.


One of the most effective ways deemed by the marketing staff at RAPOD was to put up a large banner or sign for all train passengers to see with a tagline along the lines of...

"Sick of the Morning Commute? Why Not Invest In a RAPOD Garden Room!?"


For now we have settled for a simple RAPOD flag alongside our office building, just until we establish the regulations for this banner...

"Garden Room Banner Causes Train Delays"

...doesn't convey a trustworthy brand and I'm sure the morning commuters would not be too happy. Although as they say, 'any news is good news!'


If you would like to come and see our RAPOD Garden Room please contact us to arrange an appointment!

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