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As Unique As You Are

What’s In A Name?

I sometimes wonder if people understand the meaning of RAPOD completely.


There are times when jokes are made on the pronunciation but phonetically speaking no matter how many times I giggle when it is said ‘RAY-PODD’ or ‘RA-POOD’ the company name is ‘RA-POD Gar-den Roo-ms.


When we look back at how the name originally came to be the pronunciation of RAPOD is not only clearer but it also conveys the company's desired build speed of each Garden Room – RAPID.


RAPOD was chosen to denote the idea of a ‘RAPID POD’. Dependent on the size and specification of your Garden Room will depend on the schedule of the build. However as a company we aim to have your garden pod assembled and ready for you to use within a week.


The modular build of RAPOD plays a particular part in this process as it allows the panels to be constructed, insulated and also clad (external finish) at our factory before arriving at your property. The foundation system we have adapted is also a fairly quick process and in addition is also sustainable and a lot cleaner than other methods.


Our radiata pine (for more information on this timber species visit our specification page) timber frame is particularly unique as we have acquired an EU Design Registration Patent for the connection. The timber frame should be assembled within an hour!


Overall we aim to live up to all the meanings within our name but our number one priority is to supply our customers (YOU!) with a very high quality product constructed in a time scale that suits and causes the least amount of disruption as possible.


To design your own RAPOD Garden Room please use our Design Your Own RAPOD designer and we can send you a detailed, no obligation quotation.

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